About The Game

EXITE Live Games is an immersive, fun and most importantly very exciting real live gaming experience, where your task is to solve the mysteries and puzzles in groups of 2-6 players before you run out of time, which is 60 minutes. The games are suitable for everyone and the experience is surprisingly exhilarating. You are playing with real people in real space so the experience is much more vivid than in video games.

We are a Finnish company in Helsinki and our idea is to offer quality games for everyone. We have a different selection of rooms and with different difficulties. For us the customer satisfaction is very important and thus every game has it’s own supervisor, unlike in many other game providers.

Our diverse rooms have been developed ourselves, they are thus unique and not copies of other rooms in Europe. The most important thing for us is the customer and the enjoyment of the gaming experience. We guarantee that you will remember this EXITing experience!

What to expect?
Escape room is an extremely thrilling experience where you forget the outside world immediately after stepping in the game room. You are going to experience a wide range of feelings and it feels that the time in the game is equal to the whole day compressed with all of its moments in one hour. Imagine you are trapped in a set up surrounded by a peculiar environment filled with mysteries and puzzles to solve. To get out of the room you need to solve numerous tasks which require thinking outside the box, little logical thinking and some communication skills. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to pass the game.
Who Is It For?

Group of friends – What could be more fun than to share this new and exciting experience with your best friends.

Couples – Good idea to spend your datenight!

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties – Make this game a highlight of your night and bring fun for the whole party!

Birthday parties Gift cardis the perfect present for the birthday hero, or just come celebrate your birthday in a unique way!

Families – Even small children can play accompanied by adults, otherwise the age limit is 15.

For Companies – Perfect option for team building and recreational activities as the experience strengthens the bonds between the players as they need to communicate in order to solve the fun puzzles as a mutual goal. Contact.

Anyone – who wants to have a really fun and EXITing time!

Is It Dangerous?
Not more dangerous than you doing normal chores in your home. You might need to use some basic electrical equipment found in any normal household, but there is no significant danger related to the activities in the room. You don’t need to use any physical strength, just use your wits and communication skills. We are also supervising you constantly through the camera and you can always get out of the room by pressing the emergency exit button, but that means you didn’t accomplish your mission.
Can I Play Alone?
Of course, if you want to. We would like to remind you though, that you won’t be having as much fun as you would with other people! It might also be a little challenging to solve all the puzzles just by yourself, but if you think you are up for it , we’re not gonna stop you! We recommend the game for 4 people.
I'm Claustrophobic!
Claustrophobic players should be ok playing our escape room-games without problems (excluding THE DUNGEON, which includes tight spaces and involves restriction of moving around at some point of the game, ask for more. The rooms are pretty much like regular rooms in your home. Even though the door is locked, you can always exit from the emergency door by yourself if you wan’t to.
In what language are the games?
Our games are playable in both Finnish and English. The hints can be given either in Finnish or English, according to the groups wishes.


Time Limit 60 Minutes
If you run out of time, the game is over and the game master will let you out of the escape room.
No Cheating
If we see you trying to find help by mobile devices or using other equipment of your own in the rooms, the game master has a right to stop or end the game.
Age limit
The age limit in our games is 15 years without an adult. If an adult (minimum 18 yrs.) is attending the game, also younger players are allowed to play along. There is no upper age limit 🙂
No Force!
There is no need to use force in the tasks, so please don’t use any excessive force as it might break the elements of the room. It is also more enjoyable for the next players if there is no bugs in the game.
Ask For Help
In order to escape the room, you might need to get some hints. If you are stuck on the game, you can ask help, we will give you hints to get forward. If you need any help, just ask; we are watching you through cameras and/ or microphones. If there is an emergency or you panic, you can always get out of the room by pressing the emergency EXIT-button (excluding THE DUNGEON). However you cannot save the game, so when you exit, there is no coming back. Your group can continue the game though.
No Spoilers
When you get out of the room, please don’t discuss the game experience in loud if there are other players in the lobby waiting for their turn, as you might spoil the experience for them.
No Alcohol
The game masters have the right to hold off the people who are in a state of drug or alcohol intoxication. In this case we charge the full price of the game.
Be In Time!
We kindly ask all teams to arrive 5-15 minutes before the start of the game to be able to prepare the team and start the game on time. If your team arrives after the booking time, we might need to deduct time from the total play time.

Terms and conditions

By completing the reservation you accept the terms of the reservation below.

Cancelling or changing the appointment

– If you need to cancel, contact us by phone or e-mail.
– In order to avoid cancellation fee, please cancel AT LEAST 24h PRIOR the game (if only one game booked), 7 day before (2-4 booked games), 14 days before (5-7 games)
– Cancelling fee is 100€/game
– There is no need to contact us in a case of a change in number of players, unless you have booked several games.


Breaking the Rules

The game master is entitled to interrupt and cancel the game if the rules are not obeyed. We hold the right to demand compensation for intentionally damaged objects or systems in the game room.


Authenticity of the user information

By completing the reservation, you commit to give us the asked user information during the booking process. We hold the right to cancel your booking if you don’t give all of the information or they are made up.