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Our new Mini Escape Room is a shorter and cheaper but as exciting as our other escape rooms! It suits very well for smaller groups of 2-4 players or to be played as an extra game before/after a regular 60 min game. The story is an add to the beginning of our trilogy (DID/TERMINAL X/AIRPLANE), the order of the games is not important.

The carefully designed heist is supposed to be your short cut to happiness. The world’s most precious diamond is locked inside of a complex display. Various skills are needed in order to bypass the security mechanics including good memory, cooperation and great attention. Are you able to snatch the diamond inside your time window of 40 minutes before the guard comes back, or did you bite off more than one can chew?

PRICE: 56-85€


In the height of 10 km you don’t want anything to go wrong — at least not as bad as this! Peaceful flight turns into a nightmare after the plane is hijacked. To save the plane you need to keep your calm and use your wits, do you dare to step in? Pick this escape room if you are into a thrilling experience.


Do you really trust your brains and your senses? You will step in the middle of the nature and are on the mercy of the elements. You must make your way through the spectacular and interesting puzzles of fire, water, air and earth. This beautiful escape room will definitely stay on your mind. The escape game is also well suitable for first timers and families.


There is many surprising things to be stumbled on in the woods – an abandoned old shack for example. This cabin is however anything but empty. An evil shaman living in the shack casts a terrible curse on you. To reverse the curse a series of spells is needed to perform in 60 minutes, before.. You will step in the cabin with your own responsibility – The game doesn’t suit for extremely sensitive persons.


Your journey on the streets of a Middle Age village has a sudden stop as a group of dark cultists capture you and throw you in a grim dungeon without no reason. Time is running short when you realize what a horrible fate awaits you – the only option seems to try to escape at no cost from the ghastly cells from very few has made out alive.


A crime of a century is going on in Helsinki – the world’s most valuable diamonds have been snitched and you are kidnapped by the robbers on their escape route. They take you hostage into a mysterious luxury apartment. They leave and time passes with no help coming. Desperation is starting to increase when you realize the bandit’s true intentions.. Are you able to find the diamonds and the secret escape passage in time? In the end you still have a hard decision to make about the diamonds. Your choice will affect the ending of the game!


Long awaited holiday is yet to begin and you are having drinks at the bar being totally unaware of the threat looming behind the corner. Your holiday starts with the worst possible scenario already at the security point when it reveals that your luggage contains a chemical bomb! The airport gets an evacuation order and you are left inside. The only possibility to survive is to try to disarm the complex bomb before it explodes. Do you have the nerves and brains to survive this situation?


Congratulations! You have managed to get two tickets on your hands for the world-class ocean cruiser in order to search for a better fortune on another continent and leave your misery life behind. Richness seems to glow in your eyes way too early as you get caught from rich stolen jewellery in your pockets. Your misfortune only gets worse as suddenly the Titanic collides with an iceberg at night. Shackles begin to seem to seal you faith in the depth of the ocean.. unless you are sneaky enough to escape the sinking ship.